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By Classic Britain

30 May, 2019

We recently collaborated with myhotelbreak on why their guests should visit us here at The Heights of Abraham. Find out what they discovered in this guest blog edition:

Having exciting and memorable attractions near to where you’re staying really adds to the experience when exploring somewhere new. For guests looking for hotels in the Peak District we highly recommend taking a day out to visit the fantastic Heights of Abraham attraction.

Let’s find out more…

One of the standout in the Peak District is the Heights of Abraham. More than just a cable car attraction, this magical place offers something special for the whole family. Begin the adventure with a cable car ride to the top of the hilltop attraction where visitors will have a plethora of excellent amenities at their disposal.

From the adventure play zones, the exhibitions and guided tours through to the illuminated showcaves. To the classy Vista Bar and Restaurant where you have the chance to relax with a glass of wine, choose from some excellent meal options while enjoying the unrivalled views from the top of the Heights of Abraham.

The Cable Car

Long ago, this famous attraction was only accessible via the slopes of Masson Hill. Then in the mid 80’s the cable car transport system was established to carry people to the summit. It was the first of its kind.

With unrivalled views of the spectacular Derwent Valley and meandering Peak District, travel in safety and comfort from the valley floor up to the top at the Heights of Abraham. You will travel 554ft from the base to the top. Click on the above link to learn more about the cable car amenity.

Show Caverns

The Cavern Tours are a must to gain an insight into the hidden pathways and excavating routes for rich mineral deposits that miners took centuries ago. The tours allow you to follow in the footsteps of people from the past. 

The Masson Cavern

With the help of a guide, meander your way down this spectacular cavern with the aid of the state of the art lighting installation to give you, the visitor, a clear picture of what’s in front of you. Go on an extensive journey and learn about the light of a miner’s candle to the whole 350 million year history of the cavern.

Rutland Cavern

The Rutland Cavern tour is perfect for the whole family. Learn what life was like for a 17th century mining family. Understand what a day in the working life was really like.

Masson Pavilion

This is a fascinating visit as you gain a real learning insight into the build of the first Alpine Cable Car here at The Heights of Abraham through the lens at the Masson Pavilion. There is also a virtual tour for those looking to learn more about the Masson Cavern.

The Long View

The Long View is a go to guide to learn about the transformation of the Derwent Valley to the amazing spa treat of Matlock Bath. From it being a treacherous place to the discovery of thermal water and the steps it took to become one of the best places to visit anywhere in the UK.

The Adventure Playgrounds

Great for the kids, The Woodland Adventure is a place to come to climb and slide. From the climbing wall to the rope walks and slides and of course the range of towers, the little ones are spoilt for choice. A real adventure for them.

There is the Explorer’s Challenge which is another great area for the kids to test their skills.

These are just some of the fantastic things to See & Do. Click on the link to learn more about what else is on offer from the Prospect Tower & Heritage Walks to Tinkers Shaft.

Vista Bar & Restaurant

Enjoy a spot of breakfast or lunch while enjoying amazing views down to Derwent Valley. Al fresco dining is encouraged during the warmer months.  We suggest booking a window seat to get the best views in the house.

Click here for a sample menu.

There is also the fantastic Terrace Café for those looking for a quick bite to eat during the day. Click here for the sample menu.

There are also several places to pick up gifts during your visit. Check them out here.

"This is a truly magical place to come for the whole family. Adventure, learning and relaxation all in the one place. Create memories that last at the Heights of Abraham."

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